• Aston Martin Thrill Oxfordshire
  • Aston Martin Thrill Oxfordshire

Aston Martin Thrill Oxfordshire


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• Discover the DB9 over six laps of the track
• Hotlap options available
• Airfield track = long straights and coned corners
• Commemorative driving certificate
Try an Aston Martin DB9 drive for a thrilling spin in what many are agreed, is one of the finest modern day sports cars ever built! We really like this drive experience because the DB9 was the first of the Aston Martin models to be built at the new design and manufacturing headquarters of the marque in Gaydon. It's a true delight to drive a British supercar! So where do you get to drive this magnificent Aston Martin DB9? The answer is a very discrete and well-run little circuit in Oxfordshire. Owned and run by the operators, this former airfield track is a mile long, so it's roomy enough for you to properly 'give it some' in the DB9 (that's a technical driving term of course!) and feel the brilliance of the Aston Martin in your hands. We are all agreed it is beautiful car from the outside, but what is it like on the inside? It's a rare opportunity to actually be in control of one of these fabulous cars, so savour every moment from when you shut the door with a very satisfying and suitably solid 'clunk' and first clasp of the steering wheel in your hands, to the feeling the warmth of the engine as you step out at the end of your drive. The Aston Martin DB9 will not disappoint. Gingerly at first, you'll head out from the paddock area onto the main track. Getting used to the feel of the pedals, the low-slung seating position and that extravagantly long bonnet takes a fair bit of concentration, but as soon as you get on the first long straight and get a taste of the power from the superbly refined 5.9l V12 engine, you'll be inspired and as your Aston Martin DB9 drive continues, your confidence will come on in leaps and bounds. These Aston Martin DB9 thrill drives give you six laps around the circuit here at Heyford Park, with an instructor beside you in the passenger seat. It's their job to call the corners, the braking points and the exit strategy out of each turn, so you get the most out of the car and yourself. And let's face it, you never get to drive like this on the public roads! If you go for the experience with the added hot lap, you get to view the track from a very different angle. After you have done your laps it's time to hop in to the passenger seat of a performance car. Engine at running temperature and the tyres nice and warm, one of the centre's professional drivers will be at the wheel as you get to see just how far you can push a fully prepped little car around this track. It's very different from your own Aston Martin DB9 driving session as the cars are purely for speed and handling, rather than refinement. On your Aston Martin DB9 drive you will be at the helm of a truly homegrown supercar. Even Top Gear decided the DB9 was just too cool for the 'cool wall' on their TV show after driving it, so this Aston Martin was immediately and justifiably awarded its own 'sub zero fridge' category. You simply have to drive this car!

• Welcome and registration with tea or coffee• Classroom style safety briefing• Circuit tour• Six miles (six laps) driving the Aston Martin DB9• Commemorative certificate on completion• If you choose the Aston Experience with Hotlap you will also receive a high speed passenger ride in a performance car

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• Available on selected Fridays and Weekends from March to December
Location: • Thrill drives take place at Heyford Park in Oxfordshire. There is easy from the M40 via junction 9 or 10. • The venue boasts a 1.5 mile circuit offering wide and long straights where, if the cars are well driven, can reach speeds of up to 120 mph.

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