• Zorbing in Edinburgh
  • Zorbing in Edinburgh

Zorbing in Edinburgh


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• Options for harness and water zorbing
• Ride down the 300m zorb course
• Suitable for ages 12 and up
Get all wrapped up in your plastic ball and go zorbing in Edinburgh! This young and dynamic Scottish team's aim is to offer the most thrilling zorb rides possible in east Scotland, whilst keeping you safe as you roll. We have to say, this lot of rollers have certainly done their research as they have found the ideal terrain for zorbing. Right next to Edinburgh city centre, the Pentland Hills Regional Park boasts spectacular views of the city. This zorb centre is neighbour to the Mid Lothian Snowsports venue and makes the most of the excellent access, facilities and, even more importantly, the perfect natural gradient of the land. To fine tune this naturally undulating land into a slick, well-oiled zorbing track, the Edinburgh-based team has designed a proper downhill descent and after hours and hours of landscaping, shaping and sculpting, the result is a 300m revolutionary rolling spectacular. You won't simply be free styling it in your inflatable globe over heathlands here, you will be hurtling and tumbling down a manmade open funnel, so expect maximum speed (the organisers tell us 30mph is the record!) and lots of spins. Before you can throw yourself down the slope there's the necessary safety briefing and the team of 'Haggis Herders' will be on hand to get you set up inside the sphere and to help unload at the bottom. This Edinburgh venue offers both harness and hydro zorbing and it's entirely up to you which you decide to do. In both cases you will be rolling as a duo together in the inner chamber that is cushioned by 60cm of air and covered with the external ball that creates a three metre diameter zorb. This really is premiership zorbing in Scotland's primary city with superb hilltop vistas thrown in too. Enjoy zorbing Edinburgh-style and find out what it'd be like to be a haggis on a rotating adventure! We are offering single and double downhill packages for two people zorbing together, so you can go spinning in the harness version, sliding with water inside or do both. It's time to get in a whirl in the Edinburgh hills.

Choose from the following voucher options: • A single ride for two people, choose from Harness or Hydro Sphereing • A combi ride for two people, either one harness and hydro or two rides of one type • Welcome and pre-ride briefing explaining how to ride the sphere • Rides take place on a specially tracked out course

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Deal Terms

• Weekends from May to October, subject to weather conditions and availability
Location: • Based next to Midlothian Snowsports Centre, Edinburgh
Location: SCOTLAND

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